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Axenic Systems

Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Biological Safety Cabinets

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Biological Safety Cabinets. These products are specially designed to ensure that the room is safe from hazardous biological particles. Manufactured with the latest technologies and high quality raw materials, our biological safety cabinets are impeccable for protecting from infectious aerosols or splashes generated by various microbiological procedures.

Biological Safety Cabinets


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Product Details:

Material SS and MS
BrandAxenic systems
TypeSafety Cabinets
Main FilterHEPA Filter

We offer high-quality Biological Safety Cabinets specially designed with ventilated containment enclosures. This particular feature ensures safety work even in a high-risk environment which may contain contagious micro-organism, and the formal del Hyde fumigation deactivates for proper maintenance. HEPA filter is used ducting the exhaust air into the atmosphere.

Our cabinets comprise of recirculating laminar air flow enclosures with the air barrier and HEPA filtration of exhaust air at the opening work. These products also offer separate HEPA filters for laminar and exhaust air flow. in addition, vertical laminar air flow conducive to an environment, personal and product protection.

Standard features:

  • Prefilters and HEPA filters
  • Suitable motor blower assemblies.

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